7 Creative Design Elements to Strengthen Your Logo

7 Creative Design Elements to Strengthen Your Logo

Many designers look at logos as another creative project—they’re a chance to play with new design elements and trends that you haven’t tried before. In one way, this is true. Logos are a great proving ground for design because you have to get multiple elements to work together in a confined space.

But if you start out with just a cool design in mind, you’re missing the point of a logo. This symbol’s sole purpose in life is not to be a pretty picture; it’s to represent the brand you created it for. To make sure your logo is sending the right brand message, you’ll need to use the right building blocks for a good logo design—like consistency, simplicity, and innovation.

With this fun image, you’ll learn all about the design elements your logo needs from the professional graphic designers at Company Folders.

Author: Meg Ryan
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