Just over a month ago, I mentioned on this blog that we were gearing up to launch Skype 3.0 Beta for Windows Phones ,

and now it’s ready for you to download and try out.

It includes two great …

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The good news is that the GMail team has increases the maximum allowable limit of the attachment size to 25 MB from the previous limit of 20 MB. This is obviously nice to hear since GMail users can pass …

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in Jokes

Husband & Wife – Why divorce?
In a divorce court a woman requested the judge: “Your honor, I want to divorce my husband.” “But why ?” asked the judge. She replied, “Because he is not faithful to me.” The judge

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Want more traffic to your blog?  Of course you do.  But how do you get it?  It’s a question that many bloggers struggle with, but thankfully there are several fairly easy ways you can start today to grow your blog’s …

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A new ad program was recently launched: I’ve been using it for more than 4 days now on 2 of my blogs and I find it better than a few other ad programs I’ve tried out. The genius …

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Joothe hai woh dost jo kehte the..Jaan bhi mango
toh de denge.. Aj woh apni girl friend jo jaan
kehte hai.. Aur mango toh saale inkar kar dete

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A Beautiful Friendship Poem:

Are we friends
Are we not?

You told me once,
but i forgot.

So tell me now and tell me true,

so i can say, i am here for u.

Of all the friends …

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in Jokes

Bill Gates is hanging out with the chairman of General Motors.

“If automotive technology had kept pace with computer technology

over the past few decades,

boasts Gates, “you would now be driving a V-32 instead of a V-8,…

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in Jokes

A computer programmer happens across a frog in the road.
The frog pipes up,
“I’m really a beautiful princess and if you kiss me,
I’ll stay with you for a week”.
The programmer shrugs his shoulders and puts the frog

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Arabic mehandi

This style tends to be less detailed and intricate. its still very beautiful. Instead of having fill-ins it is just colored in boldly. Arbi designs don’t necessarily cover your hands or feet all the way. Many popular Arbic

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