Authority – Adjective. A document (page) pointed to by several hubs (experts). An authority page is assumed to have a lot of content relevant to a primary topic.

Blog – Noun. A Web site or portion of a Web site …

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As we reported yesterday, in the hours during and after the news of Michael Jackson’s cardiac arrest and ensuing death, tweets about the pop icon comprised 30 percent of total volume on Twitter, and that might be a conservative …

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Back in September of last year, YouTube increased the maximum size of video uploads tenfold, from 100MB to 1GB. In the past 24 hours, it appears they’ve doubled it, from 1GB to 2GB. Despite the size increase, the maximum length …

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There are not many people whom I would regard as “SEO theorists”: real thinkers who do first-line research, formulate their thoughts, and share their conclusions. A fair number of spammers practice the SEO Method (Experiment. Evaluate. Adjust

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When someone asks “What are good AdSense keywords?” they are really asking about the best keywords to optimize their pages with which have AdSense ads on them. Success with AdSense is all about driving traffic to niche websites

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The main reason for building a website or creating a blog is in hopes of either making money or getting people to read what you have to say.

In order to do either we need website visitors. And not all …

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Hair weaving is an art of weaving or braiding human or synthetic black hair into existing natural hair. This is also popularly known as Hair combination. The hair extension is woven into small pieces of loose hair. Hair extension has …

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ab ke tajdid-e-vafa ka nahin imkan jana
yad kya tujh ko dilayain tera paiman jana

yon hi mausam ki ada dekh ke yad aya hai
kis qadar jald badal jate hain insan jana

zindagi teri ata thi so tere nam …

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chere main ne kabhi lab-o-rukhsar ke qisse
gahe gul-o-bulbul ki hikaayat ko nikhaaraa

gahe kisi shahazaade ke afsane sunaaye
gahe kyaa duniyaa-e-paristaan kaa nazaaraa

main khoyaa rahaa jin-o-malaik ke jahaan main
har lahajaa agarche mujhe aadam ne pukaaraa

barason yon …

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Zakhm Ko Phul To Sar Sar Ko Saba Kahte Hain

zakhm ko phul to sar sar ko saba kahte hain
jane kya daur hai kya log hain kya kahte hain

kya qayamat hai ke jin ke liye ruk ruk ke …

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